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Got a sinking feeling that something isn't right about your website? Stop missing sales with a site that doesn't work.

Nobody wants to pay for a website that doesn't work.
That's why we have developed a unique website format that SELLS FOR YOU.

A Business website is a 24/7 sales team

Elevate Your Online Presence

When your site is running as it should be and designed to sell, you should be landing clients in your sleep. The first step to growing your business is to get a website in working order.

A 24/7 Marketing Team

Websites don't sleep, and strangely enough, neither do your customers. Any time of the day or week, your website should be representing your product and helping you sell.

A Money Printing Machine

When your business website is doing its job and bringing in Leads and clients, you're not only benefit from the income, you can consider that website a sellable asset, because who wouldn't want to buy a money printing machine?

Build For Growth

Our websites are designed to be a standalone, marketing platform. When paired with Google and SEO package, our websites are constantly improving in copy and content to drive sales and client acquisition. If you know your website, needs something, but don't know what it's missing, give us a call, or grab one of our website Snapshots below.

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Online Success Stories

Here's review from just a few of our happy web clients.

This team is so easy to work with. As a small business owner I didn't have time to worry about my site, so having this team take me from a stock GoDaddy layout to a custom design ( was like night and day. Now I get calls and emails for new work all the time.

Sam H.

Owner STH Land Services

Avery helped our website feel like you are walking into the salon. He listened, and adjusted even the smallest details. I would recommend working with Avery if you are ready to elevate your online presence.


Owner Willow and Waves Salon

My campaign needed a custom website and fundraising system built by Northwood Digital Services. We couldn't have done this without them!

John C.

Local Community Leader

You don't have time to maintain a website, that's why we've created our

Headache Free Guarantee Plans.


Talk About It

Let us know what your headaches and goals are. The first step is sharing.


Plot A Course

We make a plan that suits your needs and we take care of the rest.


Goodbye Web Worries

Go do something that matters and let us handle the grind of making your website better and better!

Got Questions?

As for your Qs

Everyone has questions, We have answers.

Website, build projects can range from one month to four months depending on the scope, and the amount of involvement needed by the client. A one month projects tend to be smaller website builds where the client just wants to cite and minimal involvement, while longer builds involve review processes, staging, and testing. 

Our websites often range from $3,500 to $10,000. Much of the variance in cost is determined by the scale of the website, while some determining factors may include custom features and functions, other price points can be determined by deadline and urgency. A good way to determine what a website should cost is to consider, “If my website were operating at full capacity what value would it add to my business?”

You do. Anything we create, website, logo, or marketing strategy, you own it, and can walk away at any time with your content.

That depends. We have had a few occurrences where we were familiar with the current site toolset, and could work something out with the client. Get in T0ouch to find out.

Websites have three costs: One the design and build cost. Two: the Domain Cost (usually $20 a year or so). Three: The hosting and maintenance cost. (We host any site we build and so each site comes with a maintenance plan. (See our maintenance page for price structures)

Your site will be it’s own thing. We build sites on the Wordpress platform which means far more flexibility and function for your dollar. Also, if you ever needed it fixed by another party, the market for wordpress is much larger.

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