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Have you been burned by SEO "Experts"?

Don't be scammed by SEO companies, and don't waste your money on quick ads. We offer a guarantee. If you aren't thrilled by your ROI, we will refund 100% of your investment. Get Better Service Towson.

No Schemes, no contracts, just great service and terrific results.

What makes us different

When your site is running as it should be and designed to sell, you should be landing clients in your sleep. The first step to growing your business is to get a website in working order.

We Win if You Win

We offer marketing packages that you pay for up front, and if they don't work to raise your lead rate, then we will refund your money.

Flat Rate Pricing Available

We will earn your business year after year. If we provide exceptional value, why would you leave?

Money Back Guarantee

If after 6 months of work you wouldn't jump into a tank full of sharks to keep our marketing system, then we can refund your money 100% and you can go try the other guys!

"Northwood Digital Has Tripled Our Call + Email Rate!"

-Mark R.

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"Since They Took Over My SEO I have gotten 10x the calls and 20x the leads!"

- John N.

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SEO Success Stories

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We know how hard it is to build (and GROW) a business.

SEO. Pay-Per-Click, Video Marketing, Social Media. Everyone wants to sell you something and while they all might help, you need a firm foundation to build your marketing on. You need reliability. Our Search Engine Optimization and Web Design systems provide just that. We tell our clients “We’re so sure we can make a drastic difference for you, that we will give your money back if we can’t.” Let us prove that to you!


SEO Success Stories

Here's review from just a few of our marketing clients.

This team is so easy to work with. As a small business owner I didn't have time to worry about my site, so having this team take me from a stock GoDaddy layout to a custom design ( was like night and day. Now I get calls and emails for new work all the time.

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John M.

Owner Macclenny HVAC Pros

Avery helped our website feel like you are walking into the salon. He listened, and adjusted even the smallest details. I would recommend working with Avery if you are ready to elevate your online presence.


Owner Willow and Waves Salon

My campaign needed a custom website and fundraising system built by Northwood Digital Services. We couldn't have done this without them!

John C.

Local Community Leader

Working with us is super simple: Our Experts Become an Extension of Your Company

Steps To Start


Tell us About You

The best place to start is a free consultation. You can call us today or text or email us a time that works great for you. Our experts will learn about you, your business, your budget, your current strategy, and your current brand. We’ll research your market, your competitors, and your positioning. Even YOU will know more about your business than before we started after we’re done with this part.


Get A Custom Plan

Once we learn about your brand, we’ll develop a personalized marketing plan to get your message (which we will help you make completely clear and simple) out to the world. We’ll help you understand the plan. And we’ll never sell you a plan you don’t understand.


Hello New Leads!

Once we’ve shown you the path, our experts will take care of the nitty gritty, ultra-technical, behind-the scenes work of ranking your website on search engines, creating engaging social media and email content, running profitable ads, and everything else you need to compete. That frees you up to do what you’re passionate about, serve customers, and make the world a better place.

Got Questions?

As for your Qs

Everyone has questions, We have answers.

Great question! The type of marketing you need is entirely based upon your industry and your goals. (and let’s face it, a little on your budget) Email marketing is great for businesses with a tightknit client community, SEO is great for certain industries, and not so great for others. When we consult with you we help you determine what you need and NEVER sell you products we don’t believe will work. So get in touch to learn more!

SEO is EXPENSIVE and starts at $750 per month. The return on investment can be HUGE so businesses prioritize their SEO in the marketing budget. That said, we offer industry specific pricing for our marketing systems that can cost much less, so give us a call and let us know what your goals are!

No problem. Anytime you need you can stop. We usually ask for a 4-6 month trial basis though, because all forms of marketing take time to strategize and to take effect. If you need to stop, just let us know and you can stop. No gimmicks or tricks.

Nope. We only guarantee that we will not continue to sell any product that isn’t working for our customer. With all our marketing formats though, what we make is YOURS TO KEEP. So videos or web content or landing pages are yours and they will continue to build value LONG past our relationship with your business.

Yes we do. We now have partners or in house experts in almost every marketing field. We have contacts for print marketing and solutions for all kinds of social media needs. We run ads and much much more.

We have seen results in a month and we have seen results overnight. We believe that SEO work takes 4-9 Months to garner best results. Google doesn’t adapt overnight. SEO is an organic and long haul game that is well worth the investment, but takes time. The same goes for video and copy content.

We win when you win...

At Northwood Digital Services, we know that you want to be successful in business and in life. In order to do that, you need hot leads, phone calls, and a steady stream of new customers and repeat customers. The problem is marketing your message is hard, complicated, and takes a lot of time which makes you feel like you’re spinning your tires, but not moving forward. 

We believe marketing should be simple, honest, and focused on your profit. We understand that you need tangible outcomes to accomplish your mission which is why we have made it our mission to help dozens of local small businesses just like yours develop and execute simple and effective marketing plans. 

Here’s how we do it: 
1. We learn your company. 
2. We give you a plan.
3. We take care of the technical, time-consuming work.

So book a consult today to start the process and in the meantime, you can check out our list of services and learn more about all the ways we partner with small businesses. So you can start missing out on clients and instead tap into your endless business growth potential.

Avery Northwood
Owner/Marketing Director

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